Be Big!

Fun can make a world of difference for a child in your community. As a Big Brother or Big Sister, you can experience childhood again for a couple of hours a week. All you have to do is be a friend to a child in your community.

Everyone remembers someone special - a neighbor, teacher, relative or friend - who broadened our horizons and brought a little magic into our lives. Maybe it was someone who taught you to throw a baseball or ride a bike; or maybe it was someone who helped you make the right decision when you needed direction.  

Sharing every day experiences with a child is the premise on which Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska is based. We have been transforming lives for over 35 years and have developed several successful programs proven to make a BIG difference in the life of a child.

Becoming a Big is a fun and easy way to volunteer in your community. We have several program options that fit your schedule and interests. We also offer a variety of agency-planned activities for Bigs and Littles, like snowshoeing, adventurous mountain excursions and going to local sporting events. In this section, learn about the different program options we offer, the application process and what to expect once you've become a Big.

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